Monday, July 18, 2011

The Beauty of Marble

Marble makes a great building and decorating material for homes and commercial buildings. Marble floors and marble countertops encompass the uniqueness and durability of natural stone. Marble comes in an endless variety of colors and designs that are always one of a kind. You can rest assured that if you invest in a marble floor, countertop, or fireplace surround, that you are investing in a one of a kind design made by nature.

Marble flooring is unique, lustrous, and beautiful. But did you know that marble is also very durable and will last lifetimes if properly cared for and maintained?  Marble must be cleaned using only marble cleaner. Other types of cleaners and abrasives will damage your marble floor and dull it's luster and coloring. What do you do if your beautiful marble floor is damaged? Call in marble floor repair specialists.

Marble floor repair specialists have the knowledge and expertise to clean, polish, color enhance, and repair your marble floor. If you have invested in marble, it's important to properly care for the marble floor. A marble floor care expert can professionally clean your marble floor for you using marble floor cleaner. Don't take chances with your marble floor. If you need marble floor cleaning, repair, color enhancing call marble floor care specialists.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

South Florida Marble Restoration, Cleaning, Polishing, and Color Enhancing

If you are looking for South Florida Marble Restoration, Cleaning, Polishing, and Color Enhancing, call the professionals at South Florida Marble Restoration. South Florida Marble Restoration can restore, clean, polish, and enhance your South Florida marble floor. A South Florida Marble floor requires special cleaning and care.

You have to be careful with the cleaning products that you use on your South Florida Marble floor. Many harsh cleaners will damage your marble floor. Don't risk damaging your marble floor. Instead call in the experts to clean your marble floor for you. South Florida Marble Restoration are experts who can clean, polish, and color enhance your marble floor.

When you need your South Florida Marble floor cleaning, polished, or color enhanced, call professional South Florida Marble Restoration experts to help you with your South Florida Marble Restoration.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Stone Floor Restoration

If you have marble, stone, granite, or terrazzo floors, you know that there is nothing more beautiful than a cleaned and polished stone floor. However, if your stone floor is in need of stone floor repair or terrazzo restoration, call in a professional marble restoration service. A Florida marble restoration company can usually restore any type of stone floor - not just marble. If you have stone, granite, or terrazzo, a marble restoration company can polish and restore your stone floor.

Grinding – Is a type of Florida marble restoration which removes the deep scratches and removes lippage. Lippage is the term used for uneven tile edges. Grinding utilizes diamond abrasive pads and water. No dust is created.
Honing - Smaller scratches from everyday foot traffic are removed. No dust is created. .Classic Marble Restoration has various services to help your marble look like new!

Polishing – Offers protection from daily scratches and brings out the color and shine to make your stone floor breathtaking once again.
CleaningFlorida marble cleaning that removes dirt, grime, stains, waxes and polymers that have become embedded in the stone Sealing – Penetrating sealers preserve and protect your stone floor.
Color Enhancing – The beautiful naturally coloring of your stone floor can be restored to it's original brightness. Stripping – Removal of waxes and build up that cause your stone floor to appear dull.
Grout Cleaning and Sealing - Thorough grout-cleaning to make your floor look like new.