Monday, August 15, 2011

How to Repair Damaged Marble

If you have inadvertantly damaged your marble floor or counter top, do not despair. You can actually do minor repairs to marble on your own! Marble can be scratched or dulled by using acidic or abrasive cleaners. Also over time, marble can begin to lose it's luster. With a sanding sponge and some marble polish, you can polish up your marble floor or counter tops and having them looking shiny again.

First choose a brand of marble restoration polish. You can purchase marble restoration products at home improvement stores or online. Use the marble restoration polish only on marble that is dull and damaged. If you try to use it on a high shine floor or counter, you end up dulling the shiny finish. So be sure that you only do this on a damaged surface. Use your sanding sponge in circular motion with your marble restoration polish. The process is relatively quick and easy on a small area of marble floor or counter top.

To polish marble that is not damaged, but just in need of cleaning, purchase a bottle of marble polish. It's very important that you only clean marble with marble cleaning products. Products such as Lundmark Wax Marble Polish, MarbleLife Marble Polish, or Stonecare Pro can be used at home for routine cleaning and polishing of your marble floors or countertops.

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