Friday, December 9, 2011

How to Care For Marble Counters and Floors

Here are some quick steps to care for marble counter tops and floors, all you need is acetone, amonia and a clean rag.  Marble is a pretty soft stone, so it's good to make sure you take extra care of it and clean it as often as needed.  Especially in high traffic areas, like kitchens.  To ensure that your marble counters or floors are cleaned properly, please make sure to remove all small items that may have been left behind.  Items like tacts or pins may scratch the marble while you're going through this process.

The first step to cleaning marble and stone floors or counters is to whipe it down with a wet cloth.  This will eliminate most of the surface dirt that has collected.  The next step would be to take some ordinary dish soap and get a nice lather going.  Using a nice circular motion, start to go over the marble.  Next what I like to do is take hot water and go over one more time to ensure that all the soap has been removed, as any soap left behind will leave a dull look to the marble.  Once you've taken some time to dampen the stone, take a shammy cloth and start to buff out the marble.

These are some easy steps to care and clean for your marble.  For tougher jobs or for jobs that encompass larger areas, such as floors, it's good to consult with specialty companies that actually specialize in marble restoration and cleaning, like Classic Marble Restoration based out of Miami, Florida.  You can visit their site and view some impressive before and after photos at

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