Monday, December 3, 2012

Marble Cleaning in South Florida

With the holiday season fast approaching, there's no better time than now to call Classic Marble Restoration for all of your marble cleaning and polishing needs.

You've most likely seen the name Classic Marble Restoration.  We've been cleaning and polishing marble in the South Florida area for over a decade and have the results and reputation to make any home sparkle for the holidays.

No matter what type of stone your have in your house, condo or restaurant, you'll want it to stand out this season.  At Classic Marble, we use the best products combined with old fashioned hard work to give you results you can be proud of.  With you first call to us, you'll know the difference.  We strive to be the best marble cleaning and polishing company in South Florida.

To make your marble cleaning appointments for the busy holiday season, just click here to be directed to our website where you'll be able to see a list of all of our marble cleaning services.

We look forward to working with you!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Marble Cleaning and Polishing for the Holidays!

Marble Cleaning and Polishing for the Holidays!

In anticipation of the upcoming holidays, it's time to get those marble floors cleaned, polished or restored.  If you're having company this holiday season at your house or condo, don't be embarrassed by scuffed or dirty marble floors.  Classic Marble Restoration will give your home's floors a nice shine this season.

And let's not forget our local South Florida restaurants.  We know it's your busy season, but there's still time to clean and polish your marble floors and counters before the rush starts.  Classic Marble Restoration specializes in restaurant marble cleaning and polishing, so give us a call.  Trust us, your customers will notice the difference!

Some of our services include:
Marble cleaning
Marble polishing
Restaurant marble cleaning and polishing
Yacht marble cleaning
Commercial marble cleaning
Hotel marble cleaning and more!

Give us a call today to schedule your holiday marble cleaning!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Fort Lauderdale Marble Cleaning and Restoration

Fort Lauderdale Marble Cleaning and Restoration

Classic Marble Restoration has built its reputation as being the top marble restoration and marble cleaning company in Fort Lauderdale and the South Florida area, by old fashioned hard work and expertise in up to date techniques.

For over a decade hundreds of clients have picked our Fort Lauderdale marble cleaning company to clean, polish and restore their marble and stone in their homes and commercial spaces.  We pride ourselves on working hard to give you a great product that you'll be happy to show off to friends and family.

With the holidays fast approaching, now is the best time to give your home's visitors something to smile about.  Our restoration process is not only efficient, but thorough.  Once your hire our marble cleaning company, you'll know exactly why hundreds of other Fort Lauderdale and South Florida residents are chosen Classic Marble.

For more information and holiday specials, please contact us today.  We'd be happy to come to your home, office, restaurant or even YACHTS!  Yes, Classic Marble Restoration also services yachts and water craft.  Call us today! You'll be glad you did!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

When Calling the Professional Marble Cleaning Services Make Sense

When Calling the Professional Marble Cleaning Services Make Sense

DIY marble cleaning could be a way to cut your home maintenance costs but there are times when it results in more work than it's worth. Through the Classic Marble Restoration blog, we are happy to offer free marble cleaning and polishing advice.  But there's certainly times when calling the pros is the way to go.  For larger areas, like living rooms, dining rooms and outdoor areas, this is certainly the case.

Cleaning outside marble in areas like pool decks may sound like a good idea from the start, but the work and old fashioned hard work that's involved can easily leave you begging for help!  Cleaning and polishing marble or stone pool decks can be a huge challenge.

For polishing and cleaning larger areas, please take our advice and call in the professional marble cleaning companies like Classic Marble.  Classic Marble Restoration has been cleaning, polishing and restoring marble and stone in the South Florida area for over a decade and they have the clientele and accolades to prove it.

For more information and for an estimate on your next marble or stone cleaning job, head over to

Monday, October 8, 2012

Cleaning and Polishing Marble in South Florida

Cleaning and Polishing Marble in South Florida

Classic Marble Restoration has been providing South Florida residents with our marble and stone cleaning, polishing and restoration services for over a decade.  Our work has been featured in many South Florida publications and we're one of the most respected marble cleaning companies in our local area.

Our clients include residential customers where we restore and clean marble and stone in homes and condos and commercial cleaning, where we service office buildings and restaurants in South Florida, from Miami to the Palm Beaches.

Our knowledgeable team of marble and stone cleaning and restoration professionals and floor care professionals works miracles to restore, clean and polish your home or offices floors.  Our professionals are knowledgeable in many techniques used in marble restoration  and we have all the tools, equipment and products needed to give your marble or stone a shine that's sure to make you smile.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Marble Floor Benefits and Marble Floor Care

Marble Floor Benefits and Marble Floor Care

Marble floors are easily one of the most beautiful stones you can have in your home, office or restaurant.  Aside from its obvious beauty, the benefits and advantages can range from cleaning to lifespan.  Below are some advantages to using marble in your home, office or commercial space.

Ease of Cleaning - While marble can be easy to clean, larger jobs may require a marble cleaning company.  For those smaller jobs, usually only a couple square feet, marble cleaning can be easy with proper maintenance and warm water.  Avoid the use of harsh chemicals and you'll ensure a lasting marble for many years.

Overall Maintenance and Repair - While installing your new marble floors may cost more than other floors like wood and laminate, the lifespan of marble is that much greater than its competition.  Since marble is relatively easy to clean and maintain, it lasts for years, sometimes double or even triple the life span of wood or laminate.  With proper maintenance and cleaning, marble should turn out to be a great investment.  Even with larger cleaning jobs, when a marble cleaning company is needed, the end results are nothing short of spectacular.

For more information on your marble cleaning needs, visit

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

South Florida Marble Company Offers More Than Home Marble Cleaning

South Florida Marble Company Offers More Than Home Marble Cleaning

When you think of marble polishing and cleaning companies, your first thought is residential marble cleaning services.  But did you know that some, but not all marble and stone cleaning companies services commercial companies, restaurants and marine industry like yachts and large boats? is one of South Florida's top marble and stone cleaning companies that seem to do it all.  Whether you are the owner of a single family home with wall to wall stone floors, the owner of a local restaurant or the owner or crew member of a multi million dollar yacht, Classic Marble has the team, tools and resources to bring your marble back to its original shine.

For a free quote or if you have questions regarding your marble floors.  Contact Classic Marble today!  And by the way, Classic Marble not only cleans and polishes marble, but they also specialize in just about every stone found in homes, counter tops and floors!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Proper Care for Your Marble

Proper Care for Your Marble

Even though  marble looks good and adds a touch of elegance to any area, it does need to be properly cared for. However, since marble is a porous, brittle and easily scratched material it requires special care. Marble cleaning and marble polishing have to be done carefully and only certain products can be used.

There are many advantages of having professionals take care of the marble polishing and marble cleaning. Not only do professionals have experience and do the job right, but they also get the job done faster. Proper maintenance of marble also costs only a fraction of what replacing the material would cost.

For more information on marble cleaning, polishing and restoration, we recommend

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Best in South Florida Marble and Stone Restoration

The Best in South Florida Marble and Stone Restoration

For the best in South Florida marble polishing and restoration, contact Classic Marble Restoration.  Classic Marble Restoration is South Florida's most respected and experienced marble restoration company.  Not only do they bring to the table decades of experience and knowledge, but pricing and customer service is always a priority.

Classic Marble Restoration only uses the best materials and diamond abrasives, honing and polishing cleaners and sealers.  CMR has the ability to give you the look that you're looking for, whether a high polish or semi-gloss look.

CMR is also proud to offer its services to South Florida restaurants, yachts, commercials spaces, hotels and more.  If you have marble or stone in your home or building, CMR can bring you the look you've dreamed of.

For more information or to see beautiful images detailing CMR's work, click here.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Classic Marble Restoration Launches New Website

New For South Florida's Top Marble Restoration Company

Say goodbye to the old and let's bring in the new!  We know all of our fans love shiny things - marble and granite in particular - so we're happy to announce our new website  The new site features a sleek new design as well as some added services displayed.  A new user friendly search bar and drop-down menu will also give our current clients and future clients an easy way to navigate through the site to find exactly what they're looking for.

As you know, CMR is one of South Florida's top marble restoration companies and their services go beyond residential and commercial restorations.  CMR is now advertising yacht, bar and restaurant restoration services as well as hotels.  As always, their service area stretches from Miami to the Palm Beaches.

Check out their new site here, and check back to this blog often for new and updated marble and stone restoration techniques, guides and DIY cleaning methods.  And of course, for those larger jobs that require more than a few minutes of effort, call the professionals at Classic Marble Restoration.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Marble Cleaning and Restoration in Boca Raton and South Florida

Marble Cleaning and Restoration in Boca Raton and South Florida

If you own a home in Boca Raton or anywhere else in South Florida, you know the difficulties that arise from having marble, granite or any other stone throughout your house.  Even the most basic neglect can lead to cleaning issues and for months or even years of neglect, the process to restore the marble, granite or stone can be a big issue for our DIY crowd.  That's why we always recommend hiring a professional marble restoration company for those larger jobs.

Classic Marble Restoration, based in South Florida has been helping homeowners with their flooring, kitchens and baths with marble restoration and cleaning for over a decade.  With experience, customer service and an old school methodology of providing the best possible service to their customers, Classic Marble Restoration should be your go-to source for marble cleaning and restoration for your Boca Raton or South Florida home.

If your marble, granite or stone has been neglected or just lost some of its original shine, call Classic Marble Restoration today for a free estimate at (866) 578-3600.  Classic Marble Restoration also specializes in cleaning and restoring marble in condos, yachts, restaurants and commercial spaces.

For more on what Classic Marble has to offer, click here.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Marble Restoration in South Florida

Marble Restoration in South Florida

Professional marble restoration services can provide your home with a remarkable makeover.  Here in South Florida, marble restoration services are in high demand due to the fact that most homes and condos are constructed with marble, granite and other stone to help keep it cool.

When choosing a marble or stone restoration company, be sure to go with one with a great reputation.  Classic Marble Restoration has been providing marble and stone restoration services in the South Florida area for over a decade.  There work can be seen on their website and most notably, their work has been featured in the Fountainebleau in Miami Beach and the Versace Mansion in South Beach.

For their full offering of marble restoration products and services in South Florida, visit their site or call for more information.

Monday, June 25, 2012

How to Easily Clean Marble Counters and Small Marble Areas

Easy Cleaning Techniques for Marble Counter Tops 

Marble is a stone that is always in need of cleaning and maintenance.  When at it's best, marble shines more than any other stone, hence its popularity.  However, when marble loses its shine it can look dull and be unimpressive.  It's important to stay up to date with the latest techniques used to clean marble to enable it to shine as much as possible.  Classic Marble Restoration is a South Florida marble restoration company that restores all types of stones.  A full list of stones they restore can be found here.

To start, make sure you test a piece of the marble.  While most marbles will have a positive reaction to the cleaning, some methods may not work for your specific marble.

Wipe the marble clean.  Best use would be a hand broom or light cloth.
Next, use warm water and a fresh cloth and gently clean.
Using harsh cleaning products such as turpentine, paint thinners and vinegar may not always have a positive reaction on your marble.  As we mentioned above, test a small area to ensure you do no damage to your marble.

The above steps are great for polishing marble counters in small kitchens and baths, but for larger jobs, it may require specific equipment and products.  For these larger jobs, it's always a good idea to contact your local marble restoration company.

Classic Marble Restoration is one of South Florida's top marble restoration companies and provides service from Miami to West Palm Beach.  For those larger jobs, please contact Classic Marble Restoration (866) 578-3600

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Choosing the Best South Florida Marble Restoration Company

With today's high paced lifestyles, it's hard to keep your home in order.   And if your home has marble or granite floors like so many other South Florida homes, it's even harder to keep them clean and sparkling.  Throw in some kids into the mix and you certainly have your hands full.  Marble restoration is just what the doctor ordered.

Classic Marble Restoration is South Florida's most trusted marble restoration company.  With over a decade of experience, CMR is your go-to source for marble cleaning and restoration knowledge and expertise.

With the right combination of technical knowledge, hard work and cleaning technology, Classic Marble Restoration gets the job done everytime!  Classic Marble prides itself on educating the client during the process to help insure their newly restored floors shine for a long time.  With simple applications of cleaning products and simple maintenance, your South Florida marble floors will surely outshine your neighbors!

Visit today for recent commercial and residential projects as well as some helpful information on how to get started with your marble restoration project.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Choosing the Best Marble Restoration Company in South Florida

Classic Marble Restoration:  South Florida's Best Marble Restoration Company

Marble restoration and marble repair can sometimes bring a new life back to your marble.  Often, exceeding expecations and making the marble look better than its original state.

This is what Classic Marble Restoration aims for in with every new customer.  Based out of South Florida, Classic Marble Restoration restores dull, scratched and lifeless marble and stone.

For those with tile, marble and granite in their homes or offices, you know that care for it takes some effort.  Furthermore, polishing and restoration of marble and granite takes precision, education and the proper combination of elbow grease and technology.  Classic Marble Restoration applies all of these elements and more.

Classic Marble Restoration has a great reputation in South Florida for being honest, reputable and provides amazing marble restoration service.  If you're looking to restore or polish your marble, give Classic Marble a call at (866) 578-3600 or click over to their site today for more information and some beautiful images of their work.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

DIY Marble Cleaning and Marble Restoration

Steps for DIY Marble Restoration

We often get asked how to do marble restoration on small projects and small areas.  We always recommend hiring experts for larger jobs and areas, but for our DIY crowd out there, here are some basics steps to marble restoration.

Marble Honing:  This is the process of smoothing out your marble.  Honing will also cut away any scratches or stains that have developed over time.  In a lot of cases, a good honing job can leave your marble looking great without moving on to any further steps.

Classic Marble Restoration can handle those larger jobs.

Polishing you Marble:  A nice polish will give your stone that shine that you're looking for.  Look for a semi shine or shining product with a good reputation to ensure no long term damage is done.

Be sure to use neutral cleaning products on marble at all times.  These products can be found at tile stores.  If you do not have access to a cleaning product, warm water can also do the trick.

As stated above, it's important to use the best products available and for larger projects, consult with a marble cleaning or marble restoration company that specializes in all stone products.

For South Florida marble restoration, please contact Classic Marble Restoration.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Limestone Restoration

Limestone And The Look of Elegance

We recently heard about a Limestone table top that was created for a famous singing star.
The tabletop was absolutely gorgeous and immensely huge. It seated 18 people and was perfect for all the entertaining she did.  But what happens when you're in need of limestone cleaning or limestone restoration?

The first time she had a dinner party, a guest spilled red wine on her new table.
Suffice it to say, rather than repair the newly stained table – the singer, had the garbage men – cart it away!
Moral to the story?  Protect your limestone or at the very least call in the expert limestone restoration team when needed!

Classic Marble Restoration of South Florida Specializes in Limestone Restoration

At Classic Marble Restoration we can repair Limestone and every other stone!
The old marble top tables you were given?   The back porch area with inlaid tiles?  That  easy for us to bring back to its original condition.

Let our trained experts but that magic touch back - into all of your marble – stone or, tile!

Click over to for more information.

We want your home to be beautiful!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Classic Marble Restoration: A Step Above the Rest

About Carerra Marble:  One of the Most Beautiful Ways To Have An Elegant Countertop

Have you ever seen a custom made Carerra marble countertop?
This marble is one of the most popular choices for its wonderful, clean lined and elegant appearance.
Its simplicity goes without saying. 

It benchmarks what we know as “luxury living”.
At ClassicMarble Restoration – We’re the masters of keeping that fresh, new look - for your marble counters!

We know about the care and maintenance of Carerra marble and will keep your counters, in beautiful shape.  Classic Marble specializes in stone restoration and cleaning in South Florida.

Because, if sealed properly every few months – it can be a very forgiving, marble.
In terms of stain, we can show you what to avoid and how to protect your counters, from scratches and stains.  And if you have a busy life, with kids – then, we will show you how to clean that occasional stain, that  can cloud the marble.

Classic Marble Restoration in South Florida can bring your stone to life!

If you’re buying a new home and you’re wishing the existing marble counters, were in better shape?  Our skilled technicians, can easily recreate – the “look of new counters”, by removing scratches and stains and bringing back the original beautiful look!

Let Classic Marble Restoration, clean and restore your marble countertops and renew the look of your stone and marble floors.

We want your home to be beautiful!

Call Us at (866) 578-3600.  We Are The Best In The Industry!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Miami Marble Restoration and the Versace Mansion

Marble Restoration: At the Versace Mansion!

And what an honor that was! How many of us wish that we could live in a beautiful home, like that?  With Classic Marble Restoration, you marble and stone floors can look just as beautiful!

That exquisite domicile has the best and most luxurious of everything, you could ever imagine.  It was built in 1930 by architect Alden Freemanbut. So, you can only guess how thrilled we were to redo and refurbish the tile, stone and surrounding areas of this magnificent home.

And as you now know, the technicians at Classic Marble Restoration, were chosen because they are the “benchmark of marble and stone cleaning and restoration”.
So, it stands to reason that we will produce the same impeccable results, in redoing and refurbishing, the home you now reside in.

Versace Mansion, South Beach, Miami

                   Because Our Standards & Work: Speak For Its Self.
                And we have earned that – by producing beautiful results!

We will restore cracks and scratches – buff and polish – and restore your floors to their original shine.  And this will all be done with the utmost of care.
You may not live in a mansion but, you will get the same expert care that is normally reserved, for them.

Call us or visit for more info.

We will be happy to answer any questions & tell you best way to make your floors and tile, look – Like New!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tile, Stone and Granite VS Carpeting: Which is for you?

Stone, Tile and Granite Floors May Be Healthier - Than Your Carpeting!

It stands to reason, that even in the cleanest of homes, one can find tiny amounts of dust.  That, of course increases – if you have kids, dogs or a busy life.

At Classic Marble Restoration, we know that a clean home is certainly, a healthy home.  And from what we see, your home may be somewhat easier to maintain (in terms of dust) with stone floors.

marble cleaning before and after
Classic Marble can restore your stone floors

Our well trained tile cleaning team, can keep your stone floors in impeccable condition and looking, new.

Florida living can bring in:  sand – dust – pollen – spores – and let’s not forget the dander from, dogs and cats.

Having a clean and well kept floor is the simplest way to start the Summer months.  And we know the easiest and quickest way, to do that!

Call us or click over to our website for more information.  We’re the experts and we want to make your life easy!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Terrazzo Flooring: What's not to love

       It’s More Popular Now, Than When We First Had It!
 Remember The Time Your Parents Bought Their First Florida Home?  Then you remember the terrazzo floors.

We Loved The Spectacular Shine & Mix of Gorgeous Colors. Our mothers cautioned us not to scratch the floor, because of the Beautiful Slick Surface & Glossy Finish.  We could spill things and the clean up, was quick and easy.  Mostly we had what were termed: Scatter Rugs – All Over The House.

Well, Things Have Come Full Circle!
Terrazzo Is Still Extremely Popular and More Consumers Are Purchasing Exquisite Florida Homes, That Have Terrazzo Throughout The Whole House!
And the first thing that comes to mind?
How Am I Going To Bring These Floors – Back To Their Almost Original Condition?
At Classic Marble Restoration – We Are The Benchmark, Of Doing – Just That!
Our well trained team is masterful in helping you in creating a Gorgeous & Shiny Terrazzo Floor – In, Your House!

Classic Marble Restoration specializes in Terrazzo polishing and cleaning

We will take a firsthand look at the condition - then determine immediately “what your Terrazzo Floors” will need to be brought back to: Looking Great!  We then will take the necessary steps, to insure that we clean, fill cracks, smooth the scratches & polish your floors to a high gloss finish!
It’s time to forget about those scatter rugs! With freshly done Terrazzo Floors, you will be thrilled with the results! The popularity is increasing in how may people have beautiful homes with terrazzo. They fill their homes with beautiful things that bring them immense joy & satisfaction!

Terrazzo Isn’t Old – It Can Now be Brought Back With The Help of Classic Marble Restoration!

Call Us!  We’re ready to make a convenient appointment for you to see what we are known for!

Monday, April 23, 2012

How to Care for Marble Floors in your Home

We all think that we know how to clean marble floors, right?  Well, that is easier said, than done.

Here’s Why:  Marble is easily scratched.  And as you know, with marble you have a wonderful investment.  Nothing else looks as elegant and refined as marble, even the composites that are on the market.

So, here we have a beautiful marble floor, that is adding immense value to your home and out of the blue, you decide you “just want to remove that little scratch….”.
Stop Right There!   We Are About To Give You Information That You Will Find Quite Helpful In Changing That Decision!

For Large Jobs, Call Classic Marble Restoration

Never, And  We Mean – Never!   Use Vinegar – Acid – Glass – Or Furniture Cleaners, To Clean Those Floors!  These products will decimate the polish and completely damage the surface of your floors!

Are we giving you an idea about why we are the best in the industry? And how important it is to us, to keep your floors in optimum condition?

Here’s Our Suggestion:  Why not enjoy having Peace of Mind about your floors.  It’s Very Easy To Do That.   Just Pick Up The Phone!  Call:  Classic Marble Restoration.  Ask our Marble Experts, “What’s The Best Way To Get This Done?”.   Simple.  Easy.  And you can rest assure that we will produce impeccable results and make your floors look like new!

We Are Here For You.   And We’re Masters At Classic Marble Restoration.   Call Us, Today!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Classic Marble Restoration: Tips on granite and stone care

When Is The Last Time You Actually Took A Good Look At Your Floors?  Are they in need of restoration or cleaning?  

We know you certainly look at them.  Maybe when they are washed.   Or, when a guest accidently spills something.We’re talking about taking a closer look.  Classic Marble Restoration prides itself on being the go-to company in South Florida for marble, granite and stone cleaning and repair.

And we are guessing, that it’s been a very, very, long time – since you had your marble floors properly ground – honed – cleaned – or polished.  And  what about sealed.  Has that ever been done?

Here’s Our Suggestion of the Day:
The Better You Care For Your Marble Floors – The Longer They Will Look, Fresh and New.  It’s That Simple!

Let’s talk about marble and Stone Restoration:  We want you to know that we are actually one, of only a few venues, that are masters at the process of diamond restoration.

This process, will restore you floors, so that when they are polished and cleaned – they’ll look like new!

Marble floors are quite an investment. Protect and keep them clean.
And we can show you how.  Call us.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Look of Elegance in With Natural Stone

Look at your home. Does it have marble floors that “have seen the wear and tear” of years gone by? Does the marble have small scratches and looks dull, instead of the original look that the floors once had?  Maybe it's time for marble restoration

At Classic Marble Restoration, we can give you back that fresh, new appearance. We are highly trained to bring your floors back from the dull and dingy look.

With Summer coming soon, we find that many clients of ours, are refreshing and revitalizing their homes. They’re doing quite a lot of casual entertaining and “creating a warm and inviting atmospheres”.

Our marble restoration team is able to provide a simple and effective way to renew the look of your floors. Sometimes, home owners attempt to do projects like this, themselves. That doesn’t always produce the look and results, they hoped for. And the reason? We are masters of creating the marble floor of your dreams.

You’ve invested in the best marble for your home. And our team will continue to create the results and final look that you will be proud of.  Floors that will look new.  And that will serve your needs, for years and to come.  If you’re home shopping, and see a place that you’re in love with, look at the marble floors it may presently have and ask yourself, “If the value and look of the home would increase if you had the marble restored ?”.  We know marble restoration. And we want to assist you in making that new home, a showplace.

At Classic Marble Restoration, we do great things, with the marble you’ve invested in.

Call us today. We will help you create a fresh and welcoming look.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How to Seal Granite

For our DIY homeowners, we have some little tricks that we've developed over the years to determine if your granite needs to be sealed or not.  Some types of granite will need sealing, while other may not.  By following the simple steps below you'll be able to determine if this is something that needs to be done.  If so, you'll need to determine if it's a small enough granite sealing job to do yourself or if you'll need to contact your local granite sealing company.

The paper towel trick:  Wet a white paper towl and leave on the granite counter or floors and wait aprox. 5 minutes.  If the water that has been soaking turns a darker shade, then it's safe to say that the granite needs to be sealed.

For smaller jobs, for let's say, a counter top.  Ensure the counter is wiped down and completely dry.  Apply a sealer to the counter using a spray bottle that does not soak one area more than another.

Once your have covered the entire surface, allow the sealer to stay for 25-30 minutes.  Applying another coat after this time and rub with a dry cloth.

After about 60-90 minutes, apply a second coating of the sealant.

Helpful advice:

  • Be sure to start with a clean area.  Allow the surface to completely dry prior to applying the sealer.

  • If you are a DIY sealer, be sure to use a good quality granite sealer.  Using a lower grade sealer or low quality granite cleaning company may cause you to have to seal your granite 6 months from now.

  • If done properly and professionally, sealing should be done every 2-3 years.
For larger jobs and floor sealing, it's always a good idea to contact a marble restoration company or marble cleaning company.  Professionals will ensure that the job is completed in a timely manner as well as clean and neat.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How to Clean Granite

There's a common misconception that granite restoration and cleaning is almost impossible.  While marble restoration can be challenging, a true marble restoration company should be able to complete the job with ease and precision.

The key to avoiding having to call a granite restoration company is proper caring.  Proper cleaing and care will not only extend the life of your stone, but give it a nice glow.

Proper cleaning of your granite will leave it with a nice shine

Since granite is much different than marble, the care that it entails is also different.  Since granite is a much harder stone, the products used will also differ.

The best cleaning products for your granite are pH neutral.  This means that it is not overly acidic and does not contain harsh chemical or abasives.  Ensuring the quality of your granite cleaning product can be tricky and picking the wrong product, with low quality can actually damage the stone.  If you're in doubt, it's always a good idea to call your local stone restoration or granite cleaning company to inspect the stone and give you a quote.  Most granite restoration companies have the proper equipment and experience, which SHOULD keep the cost down.

Searching locally for Miami marble restoration brings up a bunch of results.  So make sure you ensure the company is fully licensed and experienced with all types of stone.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

How to Clean Grout

How to Clean Grout: A Few Simple Steps

For all of you DIYers, cleaning your grout can be something that easily accomplished on a Saturday morning.  For smaller jobs like in bathrooms and small kitchens areas, a simple mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water can easily clean that grout that's become dirty.  This mixture is a simple way to do the job yourself.  But of course, when all else fails, there's always your local tile restoration company.

Simply combine a half of a cup of hydrogen peroxide and one cup of water and mix inside a spray bottle.  Total cost?  Maybe $1.50.

After you've mixed your solution, spray on the moldy areas of your tile grout.  Allow it to set and take a small toothbrush or other brush and scrup away.  You should be able to see the difference right away.  Using the mixture on a regular basis will help prevent mold from building up in the future.

Sometimes, the grout maybe stained a little worse than usual.  Hiring a grout cleaning company is something to look into if this in fact the case.  Grout cleaning companies can usually finish the job with a few hours, by way of their equipment and experience.  So if you're not looking to be on your hands and knees scrubbing the floor with a toothbrush, give your local tile restoration company a call and they'll be glad to give you a hand.

Monday, February 6, 2012

How to Care for your Marble

When you're looking to clean marble without the help of a marble restoration company, it's important to get one important fact out of the way.  Marble is not granite and vice versa.  Often the two are confused and considered to be one in the same, and since this happens often, homeowners make the mistake of cleaning the two stones with the same products.  This can often results in  damaging the stone or scuffing it in a way that may cause it to lose it's natural shine.  Using vinegar on your marble can cause serious issues.  While vinegar is a great cleanser for most surfaces around the house, stay away from using it on marble surfaces and floor.
For larger surfaces, consider an expert marble restoration company.
The best way to clean marble counters and floors is with a soft rag and some warm water.  Use this method as your daily cleaning method and you'll ensure a nice healthy look to your marble for years.

When cleaning marble floors, stick to non harsh methods like soft microfiber materials.  Combine with hot water if you have some scuffs or marks on the floor.

When you've completed your daily cleaning of your marble, it's time to get it polished.  For small areas, like a countertop or small floor area, simply buff with a chamois in small circles.  This is a relatively simple way to create a nice shine on your surface.  However, for larger areas and floors throughout your home, it's best to call an expert marble polishing company or marble restoration company.  These companies are outfitted with the tools and products that will give your home floor an impecable shine.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Marble Refinishing and Marble Protection

When living in South Florida, or Miami for that matter, it's important for your home to keep up its shine.  One particular way is to ensure your marble floor is gleaming.  Marble and granite restoration is a practice that can either be satisfying for a homeowner, or an outright headache.  Smaller jobs aren't that hard to accomplish, while the bigger jobs should be handled by a pro.  Basic wear and tear on your marble floor can leave it looking dull and without luster.  Simple cleaning and maintenence steps will ensure the life of your marble floor and keep it shining in that South Florida sun.
Marble restoration brings new life to this Miami Lobby
It's important that you realzie what and what can't be used to clean marble or during tile restoration.  Marble should be protected from all types of harsh products and chemicals.  Everyday items that can be found in the kitchen, like lemon juice and other acidic fruits and liquids can cause havvoc on your tile or marble.  While the stains don't have to be permanent, it's always a good idea to watch out for even minor spills.  In the event of a minor spill on your marble, use a gentle stone cleaner and gently whipe away the spill.  Not allowing the liquid time to set in will help in the recovery process.

An extra step to protecting your marble or tile is to properly seal it.  There are plenty of marble refinishing companies and marble restoration companies that can assist in the larger jobs.

Monday, January 16, 2012

How to Clean Tile and Grout

If your home or office space has tile floors, then you know how difficult it can be to clean them in an easy, effective manner, that won't harm yourself or your family.  Here's an easy, effective way to clean tile and grout.

For those smaller, DIY jobs, I would highly suggest some Oxygen bleach and good old elbow grease.  Oxygen bleach is non toxic and is color safe. Because of its non toxic nature it won't produce harmful fumes that can cause blurry vision, breathing issues and won't stain clothing and fabrics.  This is meant for small, DIY jobs, that may save you some time.  For larger or more difficult stains, it's best to contact your local stone restoration or marble restoration company.

To get things going, just combine some powdered oxygen bleach with water and mix until disolved.  Next, pour the mixture over your tile to ensure it's covering the grout lines as well.  Let the mixture sit for 15 minutes.  To clean grout effectively, let stand and repeat if necessary.

After the time has past, lightly scrub the tiles as you normally would.  If your tiles and grout are still looking a little dingy, it's best to call a profession tiling cleaning company.  Most professional tile and stone restoration companies will make your floors look like new AND save you additional time rescrubbing your floors.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

General Cleaning and Care for Natural Stone


Cleaning Procedures & Recommendations

General Cleaning - Clean stone surfaces with a neutral cleaner designated safe for natural
stone. Use a clean mop on floors and a soft cloth for other surfaces for best results. Don't use
more than the recommended amount of any cleaning product. Too much may leave a film,
causing streaks. Change rinse water frequently. Do not use products that contain lemon, vinegar
or other acids on marble, travertine or limestone as these can etch the surface of the stone. Do
not use scouring powders or creams; these products contain abrasives that may scratch the

Floor Surfaces - (For newly installed/restored floors, refer to our Stone Care Tips for important
instructions.) Dust mop interior floors frequently using a clean non-treated dry dust mop. Sand,
dirt and grit do the most damage to natural stone surfaces due to their abrasiveness. Mats or
area rugs inside and outside an entrance will help to minimize the sand, dirt and grit that can
scratch a stone floor. Be sure that the underside of the mat or rug is a non-slip surface. Do not
use vacuum cleaners that are worn, the metal or plastic attachments may scratch the surface.

Bath and Other Wet Areas - in the bath/shower or other wet areas, using a squeegee after each
use can minimize soap scum.

Counter/Vanity Top Surfaces - Clean your countertops daily with a soft cloth or paper towel and
a residue free pH neutral cleaner designated safe for natural stone. Ask an expert at Classic
Marble Restoration, Inc. for product questions pertaining to their safety and usage with natural