Monday, April 23, 2012

How to Care for Marble Floors in your Home

We all think that we know how to clean marble floors, right?  Well, that is easier said, than done.

Here’s Why:  Marble is easily scratched.  And as you know, with marble you have a wonderful investment.  Nothing else looks as elegant and refined as marble, even the composites that are on the market.

So, here we have a beautiful marble floor, that is adding immense value to your home and out of the blue, you decide you “just want to remove that little scratch….”.
Stop Right There!   We Are About To Give You Information That You Will Find Quite Helpful In Changing That Decision!

For Large Jobs, Call Classic Marble Restoration

Never, And  We Mean – Never!   Use Vinegar – Acid – Glass – Or Furniture Cleaners, To Clean Those Floors!  These products will decimate the polish and completely damage the surface of your floors!

Are we giving you an idea about why we are the best in the industry? And how important it is to us, to keep your floors in optimum condition?

Here’s Our Suggestion:  Why not enjoy having Peace of Mind about your floors.  It’s Very Easy To Do That.   Just Pick Up The Phone!  Call:  Classic Marble Restoration.  Ask our Marble Experts, “What’s The Best Way To Get This Done?”.   Simple.  Easy.  And you can rest assure that we will produce impeccable results and make your floors look like new!

We Are Here For You.   And We’re Masters At Classic Marble Restoration.   Call Us, Today!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Classic Marble Restoration: Tips on granite and stone care

When Is The Last Time You Actually Took A Good Look At Your Floors?  Are they in need of restoration or cleaning?  

We know you certainly look at them.  Maybe when they are washed.   Or, when a guest accidently spills something.We’re talking about taking a closer look.  Classic Marble Restoration prides itself on being the go-to company in South Florida for marble, granite and stone cleaning and repair.

And we are guessing, that it’s been a very, very, long time – since you had your marble floors properly ground – honed – cleaned – or polished.  And  what about sealed.  Has that ever been done?

Here’s Our Suggestion of the Day:
The Better You Care For Your Marble Floors – The Longer They Will Look, Fresh and New.  It’s That Simple!

Let’s talk about marble and Stone Restoration:  We want you to know that we are actually one, of only a few venues, that are masters at the process of diamond restoration.

This process, will restore you floors, so that when they are polished and cleaned – they’ll look like new!

Marble floors are quite an investment. Protect and keep them clean.
And we can show you how.  Call us.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Look of Elegance in With Natural Stone

Look at your home. Does it have marble floors that “have seen the wear and tear” of years gone by? Does the marble have small scratches and looks dull, instead of the original look that the floors once had?  Maybe it's time for marble restoration

At Classic Marble Restoration, we can give you back that fresh, new appearance. We are highly trained to bring your floors back from the dull and dingy look.

With Summer coming soon, we find that many clients of ours, are refreshing and revitalizing their homes. They’re doing quite a lot of casual entertaining and “creating a warm and inviting atmospheres”.

Our marble restoration team is able to provide a simple and effective way to renew the look of your floors. Sometimes, home owners attempt to do projects like this, themselves. That doesn’t always produce the look and results, they hoped for. And the reason? We are masters of creating the marble floor of your dreams.

You’ve invested in the best marble for your home. And our team will continue to create the results and final look that you will be proud of.  Floors that will look new.  And that will serve your needs, for years and to come.  If you’re home shopping, and see a place that you’re in love with, look at the marble floors it may presently have and ask yourself, “If the value and look of the home would increase if you had the marble restored ?”.  We know marble restoration. And we want to assist you in making that new home, a showplace.

At Classic Marble Restoration, we do great things, with the marble you’ve invested in.

Call us today. We will help you create a fresh and welcoming look.