Thursday, May 31, 2012

DIY Marble Cleaning and Marble Restoration

Steps for DIY Marble Restoration

We often get asked how to do marble restoration on small projects and small areas.  We always recommend hiring experts for larger jobs and areas, but for our DIY crowd out there, here are some basics steps to marble restoration.

Marble Honing:  This is the process of smoothing out your marble.  Honing will also cut away any scratches or stains that have developed over time.  In a lot of cases, a good honing job can leave your marble looking great without moving on to any further steps.

Classic Marble Restoration can handle those larger jobs.

Polishing you Marble:  A nice polish will give your stone that shine that you're looking for.  Look for a semi shine or shining product with a good reputation to ensure no long term damage is done.

Be sure to use neutral cleaning products on marble at all times.  These products can be found at tile stores.  If you do not have access to a cleaning product, warm water can also do the trick.

As stated above, it's important to use the best products available and for larger projects, consult with a marble cleaning or marble restoration company that specializes in all stone products.

For South Florida marble restoration, please contact Classic Marble Restoration.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Limestone Restoration

Limestone And The Look of Elegance

We recently heard about a Limestone table top that was created for a famous singing star.
The tabletop was absolutely gorgeous and immensely huge. It seated 18 people and was perfect for all the entertaining she did.  But what happens when you're in need of limestone cleaning or limestone restoration?

The first time she had a dinner party, a guest spilled red wine on her new table.
Suffice it to say, rather than repair the newly stained table – the singer, had the garbage men – cart it away!
Moral to the story?  Protect your limestone or at the very least call in the expert limestone restoration team when needed!

Classic Marble Restoration of South Florida Specializes in Limestone Restoration

At Classic Marble Restoration we can repair Limestone and every other stone!
The old marble top tables you were given?   The back porch area with inlaid tiles?  That  easy for us to bring back to its original condition.

Let our trained experts but that magic touch back - into all of your marble – stone or, tile!

Click over to for more information.

We want your home to be beautiful!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Classic Marble Restoration: A Step Above the Rest

About Carerra Marble:  One of the Most Beautiful Ways To Have An Elegant Countertop

Have you ever seen a custom made Carerra marble countertop?
This marble is one of the most popular choices for its wonderful, clean lined and elegant appearance.
Its simplicity goes without saying. 

It benchmarks what we know as “luxury living”.
At ClassicMarble Restoration – We’re the masters of keeping that fresh, new look - for your marble counters!

We know about the care and maintenance of Carerra marble and will keep your counters, in beautiful shape.  Classic Marble specializes in stone restoration and cleaning in South Florida.

Because, if sealed properly every few months – it can be a very forgiving, marble.
In terms of stain, we can show you what to avoid and how to protect your counters, from scratches and stains.  And if you have a busy life, with kids – then, we will show you how to clean that occasional stain, that  can cloud the marble.

Classic Marble Restoration in South Florida can bring your stone to life!

If you’re buying a new home and you’re wishing the existing marble counters, were in better shape?  Our skilled technicians, can easily recreate – the “look of new counters”, by removing scratches and stains and bringing back the original beautiful look!

Let Classic Marble Restoration, clean and restore your marble countertops and renew the look of your stone and marble floors.

We want your home to be beautiful!

Call Us at (866) 578-3600.  We Are The Best In The Industry!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Miami Marble Restoration and the Versace Mansion

Marble Restoration: At the Versace Mansion!

And what an honor that was! How many of us wish that we could live in a beautiful home, like that?  With Classic Marble Restoration, you marble and stone floors can look just as beautiful!

That exquisite domicile has the best and most luxurious of everything, you could ever imagine.  It was built in 1930 by architect Alden Freemanbut. So, you can only guess how thrilled we were to redo and refurbish the tile, stone and surrounding areas of this magnificent home.

And as you now know, the technicians at Classic Marble Restoration, were chosen because they are the “benchmark of marble and stone cleaning and restoration”.
So, it stands to reason that we will produce the same impeccable results, in redoing and refurbishing, the home you now reside in.

Versace Mansion, South Beach, Miami

                   Because Our Standards & Work: Speak For Its Self.
                And we have earned that – by producing beautiful results!

We will restore cracks and scratches – buff and polish – and restore your floors to their original shine.  And this will all be done with the utmost of care.
You may not live in a mansion but, you will get the same expert care that is normally reserved, for them.

Call us or visit for more info.

We will be happy to answer any questions & tell you best way to make your floors and tile, look – Like New!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tile, Stone and Granite VS Carpeting: Which is for you?

Stone, Tile and Granite Floors May Be Healthier - Than Your Carpeting!

It stands to reason, that even in the cleanest of homes, one can find tiny amounts of dust.  That, of course increases – if you have kids, dogs or a busy life.

At Classic Marble Restoration, we know that a clean home is certainly, a healthy home.  And from what we see, your home may be somewhat easier to maintain (in terms of dust) with stone floors.

marble cleaning before and after
Classic Marble can restore your stone floors

Our well trained tile cleaning team, can keep your stone floors in impeccable condition and looking, new.

Florida living can bring in:  sand – dust – pollen – spores – and let’s not forget the dander from, dogs and cats.

Having a clean and well kept floor is the simplest way to start the Summer months.  And we know the easiest and quickest way, to do that!

Call us or click over to our website for more information.  We’re the experts and we want to make your life easy!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Terrazzo Flooring: What's not to love

       It’s More Popular Now, Than When We First Had It!
 Remember The Time Your Parents Bought Their First Florida Home?  Then you remember the terrazzo floors.

We Loved The Spectacular Shine & Mix of Gorgeous Colors. Our mothers cautioned us not to scratch the floor, because of the Beautiful Slick Surface & Glossy Finish.  We could spill things and the clean up, was quick and easy.  Mostly we had what were termed: Scatter Rugs – All Over The House.

Well, Things Have Come Full Circle!
Terrazzo Is Still Extremely Popular and More Consumers Are Purchasing Exquisite Florida Homes, That Have Terrazzo Throughout The Whole House!
And the first thing that comes to mind?
How Am I Going To Bring These Floors – Back To Their Almost Original Condition?
At Classic Marble Restoration – We Are The Benchmark, Of Doing – Just That!
Our well trained team is masterful in helping you in creating a Gorgeous & Shiny Terrazzo Floor – In, Your House!

Classic Marble Restoration specializes in Terrazzo polishing and cleaning

We will take a firsthand look at the condition - then determine immediately “what your Terrazzo Floors” will need to be brought back to: Looking Great!  We then will take the necessary steps, to insure that we clean, fill cracks, smooth the scratches & polish your floors to a high gloss finish!
It’s time to forget about those scatter rugs! With freshly done Terrazzo Floors, you will be thrilled with the results! The popularity is increasing in how may people have beautiful homes with terrazzo. They fill their homes with beautiful things that bring them immense joy & satisfaction!

Terrazzo Isn’t Old – It Can Now be Brought Back With The Help of Classic Marble Restoration!

Call Us!  We’re ready to make a convenient appointment for you to see what we are known for!