Monday, June 25, 2012

How to Easily Clean Marble Counters and Small Marble Areas

Easy Cleaning Techniques for Marble Counter Tops 

Marble is a stone that is always in need of cleaning and maintenance.  When at it's best, marble shines more than any other stone, hence its popularity.  However, when marble loses its shine it can look dull and be unimpressive.  It's important to stay up to date with the latest techniques used to clean marble to enable it to shine as much as possible.  Classic Marble Restoration is a South Florida marble restoration company that restores all types of stones.  A full list of stones they restore can be found here.

To start, make sure you test a piece of the marble.  While most marbles will have a positive reaction to the cleaning, some methods may not work for your specific marble.

Wipe the marble clean.  Best use would be a hand broom or light cloth.
Next, use warm water and a fresh cloth and gently clean.
Using harsh cleaning products such as turpentine, paint thinners and vinegar may not always have a positive reaction on your marble.  As we mentioned above, test a small area to ensure you do no damage to your marble.

The above steps are great for polishing marble counters in small kitchens and baths, but for larger jobs, it may require specific equipment and products.  For these larger jobs, it's always a good idea to contact your local marble restoration company.

Classic Marble Restoration is one of South Florida's top marble restoration companies and provides service from Miami to West Palm Beach.  For those larger jobs, please contact Classic Marble Restoration (866) 578-3600

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Choosing the Best South Florida Marble Restoration Company

With today's high paced lifestyles, it's hard to keep your home in order.   And if your home has marble or granite floors like so many other South Florida homes, it's even harder to keep them clean and sparkling.  Throw in some kids into the mix and you certainly have your hands full.  Marble restoration is just what the doctor ordered.

Classic Marble Restoration is South Florida's most trusted marble restoration company.  With over a decade of experience, CMR is your go-to source for marble cleaning and restoration knowledge and expertise.

With the right combination of technical knowledge, hard work and cleaning technology, Classic Marble Restoration gets the job done everytime!  Classic Marble prides itself on educating the client during the process to help insure their newly restored floors shine for a long time.  With simple applications of cleaning products and simple maintenance, your South Florida marble floors will surely outshine your neighbors!

Visit today for recent commercial and residential projects as well as some helpful information on how to get started with your marble restoration project.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Choosing the Best Marble Restoration Company in South Florida

Classic Marble Restoration:  South Florida's Best Marble Restoration Company

Marble restoration and marble repair can sometimes bring a new life back to your marble.  Often, exceeding expecations and making the marble look better than its original state.

This is what Classic Marble Restoration aims for in with every new customer.  Based out of South Florida, Classic Marble Restoration restores dull, scratched and lifeless marble and stone.

For those with tile, marble and granite in their homes or offices, you know that care for it takes some effort.  Furthermore, polishing and restoration of marble and granite takes precision, education and the proper combination of elbow grease and technology.  Classic Marble Restoration applies all of these elements and more.

Classic Marble Restoration has a great reputation in South Florida for being honest, reputable and provides amazing marble restoration service.  If you're looking to restore or polish your marble, give Classic Marble a call at (866) 578-3600 or click over to their site today for more information and some beautiful images of their work.