Monday, August 13, 2012

The Best in South Florida Marble and Stone Restoration

The Best in South Florida Marble and Stone Restoration

For the best in South Florida marble polishing and restoration, contact Classic Marble Restoration.  Classic Marble Restoration is South Florida's most respected and experienced marble restoration company.  Not only do they bring to the table decades of experience and knowledge, but pricing and customer service is always a priority.

Classic Marble Restoration only uses the best materials and diamond abrasives, honing and polishing cleaners and sealers.  CMR has the ability to give you the look that you're looking for, whether a high polish or semi-gloss look.

CMR is also proud to offer its services to South Florida restaurants, yachts, commercials spaces, hotels and more.  If you have marble or stone in your home or building, CMR can bring you the look you've dreamed of.

For more information or to see beautiful images detailing CMR's work, click here.

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