Monday, July 8, 2013

Marble Cleaning And Marble Restoration Is Not That Easy

Marble is a durable and soft stone. It is elegant and graceful too. People who want to have a classy home décor always choose to go for marble flooring. Marble floors always have a touch of class and sophistication. But maintaining them is not that easy. If you have installed this classy stone on your floor, you will know how difficult it is to maintain these floors.
If it starts cracking due to any external reason or pressure, it would negate your class statement and style. In fact, nothing looks as dull as a discolored or cracked marble floor. Proper steps need to be taken to maintain the beauty and luster of the floor. Marble surfaces are basically shiny and so waxing of the tiles isn’t needed to add that extra luster. A polish can do wonders and enhance the look of marble floors. Since it is highly porous, they get scratched easily by vinegar, orange, tomato juice or any other things that contain acids. There are even some kinds of marble that gets etched by water. So, marble cleaning must be done with the right material.
In the very first place, marble should be sealed if you want to protect it from stains. But right sealers and treatment need to be installed for bringing out that gracefulness on the flooring tiles. It should be cleaned with a neutral pH solution, as it is a sensitive and porous material. You must never use the kitchen detergents that you use normally for cleaning the space. The components of the detergent may corrode the tile surface or discolor the floor area. However, after using the right marble cleaning solution, wipe the tile to remove the water spots and blemishes. In order to keep the marble tiles shiny and attractive long, keep the surfaces of marble dust free; dust and mop with soft and clean cloth occasionally; clean the tiles with a neutral ph solution and water and always change the mop water while cleaning the surface. However, although marble floor maintenance is a constant process but at times you should also opt for marble restoration.
With  natural stone restoration, you can remove scratches and dull spots from the surface of the marble floor. This is generally done with the help of an abrasive process, which is popular as stone grinding. The process of stone grinding needs to be done properly or else the floor might get damaged. So, with proper restoration, you can restore the shine in your house and get the matte finish that you desire on your floor.