Monday, October 7, 2013

Quick Restoration Tip and Info.

Of course wear and tear is to be expected with everyday use, and some stone is more sensitive than others.  When marble and granite has lost its original shine and is worn, stone restoration is required. Special care is required for the tumbled, honed and newly offered brushed stone products being used in the industry today.  It is important for the stone-owner to understand the different methods and frequencies required for sealing natural stone products. Granite, marble and limestone need cleaning and sealing, and the maintenance applications vary.

Scratches, stains, etch marks and other blemishes can be removed by grinding and honing with various abrasives.  When applicable, polishing restores the deep luster and high gloss the stone had originally. Tumbled, honed and polished finishes can be brought back without replacement, dust or mess.  Other services offered are epoxy fill work, stain removal and crack and joint repair.  Once stone restoration has been done the next step is to educate the client about care and maintenance of their natural stone.  Marble polishing, granite and limestone honing and polishing will bring about beautiful results, but unless the individual is properly cleaning and sealing it the result will be short-lived.  Proper maintenance of natural stone is very important.

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