Friday, July 4, 2014

Care for Natural Stone for South Florida Homes

Protect Delicate Mortar

Terrazzo cleaning requires understanding its delicate granite, glass and marble mosaic surface to prevent damaging its integrity. This mosaic type of floor is popular in the entrance-ways of residential and commercial properties where it receives a lot of foot traffic. Not only does a technician need to understand how to cleanse the natural stone, they must not damage the porous mortar that holds the mosaic pieces in place. My restoration company has the specialized knowledge necessary to remove debris safely from this unique mosaic surface.

Sanitizing Mosaic Tiles

We know how to clean the delicate tiles located on interior or exterior walls and floors to bring back the beautiful colors without scratching the stone. At the same time, we protect the supportive cement underneath and between the stone tiles. Our terrazzo restoration service includes cleaning the adhesive mortar and making repairs to loose mosaic tiles. The elegant mosaic marble, glass or granite tiles of a business or home’s floors can last for many years with the right care from my expert technicians.

Diamond Grit Discs

Caring for this unique and decorative tile floor surface is a time-consuming process that requires a team of specialists with specific tools and cleansers. Terrazzo polishing is necessary occasionally to remove a buildup of debris such as sand that has seeped into the tiles’ surface. Our technicians use diamond grit discs attached to machines to polish the granite, marble and glass tiles to give the walls and floor a shiny surface.

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