Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Common DIY Mistakes with Marble Restoration

Most people are very careful when choosing marble for their homes. Whether it is their counter top or floor, they consider it to be a long term investment and expect it to last. Unfortunately, many people often make mistakes in cleaning their marble or in trying to restore it to its original luster. The following are some common DIY mistakes to avoid with marble restoration:

The first step in learning how to clean marble is realizing that marble can become damaged by cleaners. When cleaning them, always use the right stone cleaner. Your average everyday cleaner will only harm them, especially if they are acid-based.

Second, over time dirt and other debris can build up in the pores of the stone. Abrasive pads when removing the buildup of dirt can actually cause a lot of damage if not done correctly. This type of damage can often lead to unnecessary re-honing of the marble.

Last, many often take the word on the cleaner that it works on marble. Always do a test in an inconspicuous spot to test it yourself. This can prevent major damage and costly restoration.

While many people are choosing to restore their homes and businesses themselves, it may be beneficial to leave the restoration of marble to the professional. At Classic Marble Restoration, we are committed to our South Florida marble restoration clients and make sure the original luster of your marble is brought back.

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