Friday, July 4, 2014

Proper Marble and Natural Stone Maintenance

Maintaining Stone Surfaces

At Classic Marble Restoration, our technicians know how to care for stone floors, walls and countertops. Maintaining stone flooring may seem simple, but it requires using quality cleansers, tools and machines to avoid cracks and chips. We have extensive marble cleaning experience at commercial properties such as banks, schools and museums. Alternatively, our technicians know how to sanitize smaller areas such as patio spaces located at private residences. Attempting to clean your property’s stone floors is a time-consuming process that will likely damage its surface.

Repairing Small Scratches

Marble polishing requires using expensive diamond grit discs and specialized machinery to give stone floors and countertops a high sheen. We know how to remove chips and scratches on various stone materials to provide a natural appearance in a building. Our technicians know how to deal with unique structures such as corners or rounded edges. We know how to apply a particular amount of pressure to stone surfaces to eliminate small problems without causing additional damage.

We Dry Surfaces

Safe marble cleaning requires using gentle cleansers without perfumes and dyes that can enter the stone. Our knowledgeable team knows how to work quickly while washing stone materials to prevent discoloration. Too much moisture can loosen the tiles and ruin adhesives that hold the stone on underlying surfaces. We use fast drying techniques to stop moisture from seeping into the stone. Our team uses marble polishing selectively to remove stains or scratches to protect the integrity of the stone.

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