Friday, July 18, 2014

South Florida's Best Terrazzo and Stone Restoration Team

Terrazzo offers the timeless combination of beauty, low maintenance and durability in beautiful flooring. It can typically outlast the life of residential or commercial buildings. For the best results and benefits, it is recommended to use a professional service rather than tackling the job yourself.

Terrazzo Cleaning

While terrazzo floors are not marble, the method for cleaning them is the same. Mixed with concrete and marble chips, terrazzo floors are relatively delicate and require the right kind of maintenance. Terrazzo floors have the appearance of granite, and while softer than granite, cannot be cleaned in the same way. An expert can advise you on what's both safe for your floors and environmentally friendly.

Terrazzo Polishing

A properly and safely cleaned terrazzo floor can improve lighting efficiently because of its lustrous and smooth finish. Expert polishing can improve the lighting in warehouses, factories and showrooms. Polished terrazzo floors can retain their shine for a lifetime with little maintenance.

Terrazzo Restoration

Quality does not come with shortcuts. Cleaned and properly restored, terrazzo floors will maintain a high shine that can last for years without the need for polishing. This result only comes from employing the best restoration technicians, utilizing the best machinery, and working with a company that offers the best expertise in the industry.

From hotels to yachts and restaurants, it takes a professional service like Classic Marble Restoration to provide the cleaning, polishing and terrazzo restoration services that the residential and commercial industry has come to rely on.

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