Saturday, July 19, 2014

Why Hiring a Professional Marble and Stone Restoration Team is Worth It!

Natural stone polishing is a specialized skill that requires experts with the correct equipment to complete the task. The floors in residential or commercial properties are made of different types of stone, including granite, travertine and marble. Marble cleaning from a professional service is the best way to ensure the surface is never damaged while sharp debris is removed. Stone is a porous substance that requires care with gentle cleansers to remove particles without scratching the floor’s surface. Before beginning a stain removal process, technicians will use equipment that suctions particles carefully that can abrade the stone and mortar.

Protect Floor’s Surfaces

Natural stone polishing is seldom necessary when the material’s protective coating is kept intact. When homeowners or property managers use over-the-counter cleansers to wash their building’s floors, the chemicals can seep through protective coatings causing stone to crack or crumble. In addition to protecting the integrity of the stone during a marble cleaning process, knowledgeable technicians avoid removing the delicate mortar that holds material onto underlying surfaces. The stones placed on floors are unique with different veining and textures that require careful analysis before the floor cleaning process.

Use Gentle Cleansers

A thorough floor cleaning using the correct tools and cleansers for a particular variety of stone and mortar is completed before a natural stone polishing begins. Dust mopping or soft cloths are used to collect particles of sand that can mar the stone during the polishing process. The purpose of polishing is to remove difficult stains or smooth away marks on the granite, marble or travertine. Technicians use machines with diamond particle discs to gently rub away a fine layer of stone. After the fine layer is removed, it is immediately suctioned into the machine to avoid abrading other areas.

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