Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Classic Marble Restoration Inc. Uses High-Power Washers

Stone materials such as natural or sealed marble require expert care from trained technicians. Our Classic Marble Restoration business has over 10 years of experience, leading to understanding a variety of stone surfaces in buildings, including countertops, fireplaces and floors. In addition to knowing how to clean interior stone surfaces, we understand exterior stone cleaning methods. Cleansing solutions seep into dry marble, quartz or granite, leading to damage such as cracks and chips. The best way for our team to protect stone outside while removing debris and stains is soaking it thoroughly with clean water with a high-pressure washer. When scrubbing stone on interior surfaces located on countertops or floors, we protect drywall, carpeting and fixtures with waterproof tarps.

Technicians Analyze Difficult Stains

South Florida marble restoration business has technicians who know how to analyze stone and stains to prevent additional discoloration. After making sure a stone surface is saturated with moisture, we use the most appropriate cleanser to remove dirt such as soot or grass stains. Using surfactants without dyes is the best way to avoid adding additional stains to the grout or stone. We use soft cloths to rub away dirt from natural stone such as marble to avoid scratching its surface or destroying its sheen. After removing debris from stone, our Classic Marble Restoration team dries the surfaces completely to add sealants that resist dirt and moisture. Alternatively, our customers can choose to not have sealants applied to keep a natural surface.

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