Monday, September 22, 2014

Improving Marble's Luster

Our Classic Marble Restoration business in Plantation, Florida provides professional terrazzo cleaning services to ensure floors, walls and ceilings look beautiful. Made of glass, granite or marble chips, a terrazzo surface is created to bring a unique element to a room. Not only do our technicians clean the bits of stone carefully with gentle cleansers, we also provide specialized terrazzo polishing to remove small scratches. Improving the luster of stone is a time-consuming process to improve its appearance without damaging the integrity of the material.

Repairing Stone Surfaces

The stones of terrazzo are often embedded in resin or cement surfaces, making caring for it even more difficult. Using the wrong tools and surfactants can lead to marring the surface of walls or floors. Our technicians know how to analyze the various types of stone and underlying surfaces to avoid loosening tiles or damaging grout. Of course, older surfaces that receive a lot of foot traffic may require expert terrazzo restoration to repair broken bits of stone or replace missing grout.

Diamond Particle Discs

Professional terrazzo polishing requires our technicians to use expensive machines with diamond particle discs to apply the right amount of pressure to reduce the appearance of chips or scratches. Before beginning this process, we must complete terrazzo cleaning to remove debris that can cause additional scratches to the surface of quartz or glass. We avoid using harsh cleansers that can dissolve the grouting material that holds the chips of stone together on underlying surfaces.

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