Friday, November 14, 2014

Classic Marble Restoration

Effective Stone Cleaning

South Florida marble restoration is vital to remove particles of sand from interior and exterior walkways, floors and patios. Buildings located near beaches are especially prone to having sand collect on surfaces, but the particles will also blow long distances. Our technicians know how to clean a variety of natural stone, including slate, marble and granite without marring surfaces.

We Remove Stains

Classic Marble Restoration has specialized vacuuming machines to lift and suction hard particles of sand effectively. Using amateur equipment to remove debris from countertops and floors can lead to deep scratches that will destroy the beauty of natural stone. After we remove large debris from a building’s stone flooring or countertops, we focus on removing stains caused by tree sap or splashed beverages.

Using Mild Cleansers

We know how to clean natural stone located on fireplaces, retaining walls and pool decks with commercial cleansers that do not contain dyes or perfumes. Using harsh cleansers can cause a stone tile’s color to change as the liquid seeps into the surface. In addition, applying too much moisture can lead to cracks in delicate stone such as marble or slate.

Polishing Stone Surfaces

r marble restoration business has technicians who are happy to inspect stone surfaces at residential and commercial properties to provide recommendations concerning cleaning and polishing services. South Florida marble restoration services are also available to clean and repair stone surfaces located on a yacht or cruise ship’s decks or bathroom countertops.

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