Monday, November 17, 2014

Marble Restoration Services

Replacing Tiles

Terrazzo cleaning is a specialized process due to the combination of stone materials and resin adhesives. Classic Marble Restoration located in Plantation, Fla., has expert technicians available to evaluate stone surfaces such as floors, walls and ceilings to provide a recommendation for services. We understand how to care for beautiful designs to protect the colors and sheen. Our technicians also provide terrazzo restoration such as replacing broken stones in small private residences or large commercial properties.

Removing Debris

Most terrazzo designs in buildings are decorative items such as floors that receive heavy foot traffic. The resins holding the tiles in place develop chips due to abrasive sand particles. Classic Marble Restoration’s goal when working on stone surfaces is to remove hard debris first with specialized vacuum cleaners. Next, we focus on dissolving stains with mild cleansers to improve the stone’s appearance. In addition to improving the appearance of the small tiles, our technicians clean grouting materials.

Improving Sheen

Loose stone tiles require new adhesives to hold the objects in place. We can also replace broken tiles before applying new sealants to the terrazzo to make it waterproof. Terrazzo polishing is an effective way to improve the sheen of old stone tiles that have a collection of dirt. Our technicians use a stone polishing device that suctions debris as it removes a thin layer of material. Many of our customers are amazed at the improved appearance of a floor or wall after a professional terrazzo cleaning.

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