Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Natural Stone Repair and Cleaning

Efficient Stain Removal

Natural stone is a porous material that soaks up liquids easily, leading to stained countertops and floors at commercial and residential properties. At Classic Marble Restoration in Plantation, Fla., we keep our service vans filled with the equipment needed to care for natural stone located in businesses or homes. One of our most popular services is professional marble cleaning to improve the appearance of dingy stone. Many high-end buildings such as hotels or banks have gorgeous interior stone floors or exterior walkways. Due to constant customer traffic, the surfaces become dirty quickly with a buildup of grass and dirt stains. An everyday janitorial service is not likely to have the specialized surfactants and tools needed to clean a natural stone floor.

Creating a Sheen

Our marble technicians use mild soaps and soft cloths to rub away stains gently from stone surfaces. Careful attention is given to protect the grout between natural stone tiles and the underlying adhesives. The best marble cleaning process involves using as little cleanser as possible to prevent a dull buildup of wax. An important part of our technician’s job is repairing or replacing loose tiles. Occasionally, we also suggest marble polishing to our customers to remove small chips and scratches. The fine dust from the polishing process is suctioned quickly by the specialty machine to prevent additional damage. Professional marble polishing by our technicians leaves behind a glossy surface that reflects light while showing off the stone’s unique elements.

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