Thursday, December 18, 2014

Preventing Damage from Affecting Your Marble Floors

Prevent Damage from Cleansers

Soft stone materials such as marble or limestone on countertops and fireplaces requires special care to prevent damage from harsh cleansers and equipment. Classic Marble Restoration located in Plantation, Fla., provides expert cleaning, polishing and restoration of natural or treated stone at residential or commercial properties.

We Clean Difficult Stains

We know how to clean difficult stains such as soot from stone fireplaces without marring surfaces. Our technicians use a small amount of gentle cleanser to rub away debris from stone, instead of saturating the material with chemicals that cause damage. Gentle cleaning methods also help to avoid dissolving grout and adhesives that hold stone tiles in place.

Removing Sharp Sand Particles

Plam Beach marble cleaning is vital to remove sharp particles of sand that blow on exterior surfaces such as patios near swimming pools. Our technicians can also use buffer machines with soft pads to remove embedded debris from interior surfaces. After removing grime, a polishing machine suctions the debris quickly.

Residential and Commercial Properties

The technicians working for Classic Marble Restoration understand how to find private residences and businesses throughout the Palm Beach area to perform natural stone services. We understand how to clean an assortment of stone such as travertine, terrazzo and shale.

Improving Natural Stone’s Color

South Florida marble restoration from knowledgeable technicians can prolong the life span of natural stone countertops, walls and floors. With frequent polishing, our customers will enjoy seeing an improved color and texture on stone surfaces.

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