Thursday, December 31, 2015

Luxurious and Beautiful Travertine Flooring

Travertine tiles have always been one of the preferred floorings for people across the world. It contributes heavily to the aesthetics of a room by the beauty and luxury of the natural stone. It is a beauty enhancer and can be considered and an excellent addition to the home décor which will keep you proud for years to come. However, like all other types of flooring Travertine floors also have their pros and cons. There are some limitations which need to be followed in these kinds of flooring. It is very important to decide on this flooring only after getting enough knowledge about the same.

What is Travertine Flooring?

To gain knowledge on the subject, the first thing one need to know is what travertine flooring is. It is made of travertine stones which are a form of limestone created from various kinds of mineral deposits. It contains calcium carbonate, and it is especially known for its durability. The stone has a wide range of versatility in terms of colors and shapes. Travertine stones were used for construction for years with some of the heritage buildings of the world build by the same. The Romans were known to use it for their famous constructions in those days.

How to Choose Travertine

These stones can be preserved with its original shine and beauty if proper care is taken. While purchasing travertine, it is important to check its hardness, and that can be done with the help of an MOH scale. Usually, the travertine stone gets a 3-4 rating on the MOH scale which is almost same as marble stones.

These stones are found in different colors which include beige, ivory, red, brown and gold tiles with multiple finishes like brushed, honed, tumbled and chiseled. This versatility is one of the strongest features of such flooring that makes it apt with all kinds of interior decoration.

How to Protect the Flooring

Travertine tiles are products of natural limestone, and that is why they are extremely reactive to acidic products. It is alkaline in nature, so the acids from foods and liquids also tend to damage the surface. In the case of polished travertine, it can turn extremely slippery if it remains wet. It is quite vulnerable to breaking chipping or getting scratches.

So the ideal way to protect travertine is regular cleaning, keeping the stones dry all the time, clearing spills as fast as possible and taking the help of cleaning professionals like travertine floor restoration companies or exclusive polishing companies like marble floor polishing in Miami who deal with travertine floor cleaning to retain its original charm and beauty.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Travertine Floor Cleaning Tips for Home Makers

One of the warmest and the most beautiful surface is Travertine floors which become in-sync with almost all kinds of interior design. However, it is important to take good care of this type of surface so that it retains its finest look for years to come. Travertine is actually a stone but not a very hard stone, similar to granite. It is a soft stone and is porous so one should strictly avoid acidic substances to restrict the damage. Any form of juice, wine, tea or coffee is better avoided in a travertine surface. In fact, spills of all kinds can induce damage to this kind of surface.

The best cleaner which can be used on a Travertine floor is a reputed stone cleaner combined with lukewarm water. The acidic cleaners are tremendously harmful as it erodes the surface and the grout of the floors and in due course of time the floor will turn colors and be impossible to clean properly.

To clean travertine floors, a cotton cloth is absolutely appropriate. Dust mopping the floors at least two to three times in a week is sufficient for regular cleaning and cleaning with soap and water can be done for three to four times in a year. Too much usage of soap will also ruin the finish of the stone making it dull and boring.

Vinegar, ammonia or bleach should be avoided in any kind of Travertine floors. Bathroom cleaners, kitchen cleaners or all kinds of regular floor cleaners should be avoided as they have abrasive agents ruining the flooring. The floors should be kept absolutely dry and if necessary area rugs or runners can be used to prevent scratches or other kinds of damage.

It is better to take the help of professional floor polish or restoration companies to regain the lost glow of the stones. They have specific cleaners and machinery to support the activity. One can get in touch a travertine floor restoration specialist or marble floor polishing in Miami experts to get the best results

Having a travertine floor is an exquisite addition to the home décor. If the same can be maintained properly, it can serve for years to come.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Guidance for Marble Floor Care and Maintenance

Marbles are a kith and kin to limestone. Since marbles are metamorphic rocks, it goes through several geologic conditions and huge physical changes to become the shining and glazy marbles we are all fond of. Marbles come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes to fit in extremely well with all kinds of home décor. However, due to its make, it is quite porous and is considered a soft stone  which makes it quite reactive to chemicals making the outer polish look dull and unimpressive. Though marble flooring is considered as an eye catcher, it is one stone which can lose its charm as quickly if not taken properly.

Marble finish is one of the most important parts of using marble tiles. Whether it’s flooring or countertops the finish needs to be finesse so as to get the desired effect. Polished finish is the ones that are best for countertops, whereas home finish and flamed finish is preferred for the flooring. The latter is much rougher and using the same makes the floor less slippery.

The principal guidance while maintaining the marble flooring is that no mess can be allowed on the floors. Every spill and pour on the floor needs to be cleaned immediately to restrict damage to the flooring. Another thing that helps to protect the marble top is avoiding hot appliances directly on it. Coasters and placemats should be used to avoid direct heat. This way scratches can be avoided which is the most common problem in using marbles.

In the case of bathroom marbles, it is necessary to clean up water every time and keep the surface dry as much as possible. Wet rugs should also be avoided on the floors.

Marble should be cleaned with a good and reputed marble cleaner rather than any floor or tile cleaners. The exclusive marble cleaners can be a little expensive, but they are worth the investment. Strictly avoid acid cleaners as they may ruin the marbles completely. Vinegar, ammonia and bleach should also be avoided as this may ruin the polish of the marbles. The best way of cleaning marbles is dry cloth and making it dust free. One can opt for professional polishing agencies like marble polishing in Palm Beach or marble floor polishing in Miami to get the best results in marble cleaning.

Monday, November 30, 2015

What to Expect from Marble Polishing in Miami

If you love stones, then it is evident that your house will be full of different man-made and natural ones. But it is very important that you take proper care of these marble and terrazzo floors, otherwise they will turn dull and start degrading pretty soon. It is not possible for any average person to take care of all of these by themselves, which is why you need professional help. You will find many companies that have a team of experts who are equipped and have the required training to organically clean, polish and maintain the marbles.

About the Services

When it comes to terrazzo and other stone floorings, these people are the best. They will not only take care of your floors but will also make sure that the furniture is not affected by it. The team of marble polishing in Miami professionals is well-trained to remove all your furniture without damaging any of it. Pictures of the room are taken before shifting the furniture so that they can put everything back in place after the work is complete. Normally such marbles are present everywhere in a house like a kitchen, bathroom, dining area, bedroom, and even on stairs. So if you are worried that the entire house will be messy after any such restoration work, then you are gravely mistaken.

The Problem of Dust

These people are very responsible and particular about cleanliness which is why they try to include water in almost all the procedures so that there is minimum dust creation. These people are not only good at restoring the damaged marbles but can also help you to maintain their condition with periodic servicing of the floors. Such marble restoration companies will clean and seal them once every year so that they are resilient and shiny as always.

Now the Stains

They would even recommend safe organic cleaning products with which you can clean your floors throughout the year. But sealing the stones doesn’t mean that there would be no stains. Acids and other caustic products like citric acid, hairspray, bleach, alcohol and vinegar can cause etches on the marbles which appear as dull colorless spots. So for removing all these stains and etches, you will need the help of companies specializing in marble restoration in Boca Raton.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Three Easy Steps for Marble Restoration and Maintenance

There are so many reasons that can cause staining and dull spots on the marble surfaces or floors in your house. Mostly, it is caused by dark colored liquids and oils. Such discolorations can be removed in most cases, but it not possible to understand the depth of the stain which is why, until the cleaning process is complete, it is impossible to say anything about it. Marble is considered to be the most porous stone that is more prone to staining than anything else. This is why sealers are used so that it can be cleaned easily in case of spills.

Getting the Experts

But if the cleaning is not done properly, then it will cause the breakdown of the sealer leaving the stone vulnerable to staining. There are different types of stain removers available on the market, but all of them have different usage so, in the case of staining, you need to contact the marble restoration Boca Raton companies who will send their team of experts to your house. These experts will evaluate the situation and will use the appropriate organic stain remover that will not only remove the spots but will also maintain the luster of the marble.

Removing the Stain

The most important factors in the case of any stain removal procedure is the nature, time and depth of the stain inside the stone. If it has been there for a long time, then it will be really hard to remove it. This is why it is recommended that you call the professionals as soon as you notice any discoloration or blemishes on your floors. But that is not all, there are three main steps involved in the entire marble restoration process. These steps include grinding, honing and polishing of the stones.

The Details of the Process

The first and most important step is the process of grinding where all roughness and ledges are removed from the floor, and the marbles are flattened. Even the deepest scratches and stains are removed during this step. The next step is honing where industrial diamonds are used to make the floor smooth and shiny so that there is uniformity in the appearance. Finally, the marbles are polished by the marble polishing in Miami professionals to get their original shine back.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Touch of Elegance Provided by Marble Restoration Work

The use of marble in the construction of residential buildings and commercial complexes has grown considerably in recent times. The reason for the increase in its usage is because of both utility and decorative nature of the stone. Marble floors, kitchen counters, and other surfaces are more robust and durable than other surfaces. They are easy to clean and look great after mopping is done with water. They give a sense of grandeur to the building where they are installed. The value of the property and resale value also go up with the use of marble.
Achieving Shiny Surfaces
Shining marble surfaces give an altogether different look to a building. The insides of the building look more bright and colorful with shiny marble floors and kitchen counter tops. Polishing the surfaces using proper methods and equipment can produce the kind of shine that you are looking for. This job can be carried out by various agencies that offer their services for marble cleaning in Miami. These companies employ highly trained and skilled technicians who are competent enough to do the job very efficiently.
Removing Abrasive Areas
The marble surfaces can become dull and abrasive if they are subjected to regular friction from external sources. Floors can lose their shine when a large number of people walk on them for a considerable length of time. The surfaces of counters can lose their shine as minute scratches take place due to friction against various items. Every scratch removes the shine by an infinitesimally small amount. The technique of marble restoration that is used by cleaning companies can bring back its earlier glory. 
Maintaining the Shine
A cleaning job done on a regular basis can help you to maintain the shiny effect of a polished marble surface. Daily cleaning with a mop and water has to be supported by a cleaning job done by a professional company. The companies that offer marble cleaning services are the best people to hire for the job. The frequency of cleaning the marble surfaces depends on the amount of wear and tear that it is subjected to. Once a year or once in two years is a fairly good frequency cleaning done by professional agencies. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Services for Marble and Terrazzo Cleaning in Fort Lauderdale

The natural stone marble not only gives the place a grand effect but has its uses too. In fact, marble floor can last for generations if they are maintained properly. They are reasonable and affordable in the long run though they may have cost a good sum of money during installation.  Another type of surface that has become very popular is the terrazzo surface. These surfaces are created by embedding pieces of marble, stones, porcelain and other similar items in a bed of Portland cement or a binding epoxy base.  
Making Surfaces Glow
The polish gives a glow to marble surfaces that can be retained for a very long time. Cleaning the surface daily with water helps to retain this glow for a longer time. But once in a while the polishing job has to be repeated to remove any uneven areas and any dirt or stain that cannot be removed easily with mop soaked in water. The services of companies that do jobs like marble polishing in Miami have to be hired once or twice every two years to help maintain the shining quality of surfaces. 
Cleaning Terrazzo Surfaces
The term terrazzo comes from the word terraces. This type of surface was first used by Italian designers to give a color and mosaic pattern to the otherwise drab surfaces. At the initial stage, the surface remains a bit uneven which is made plain by grinding. After installing the tiles, the whole surface is polished to make it shiny. This surface is a non-porous type and also lasts for long periods. These surfaces stain easily. The job of companies involved in terrazzo restoration in Fort Lauderdale is to perform this cleaning task whenever they are asked to.
Cleaning Marble Surfaces
Marble surfaces need deep cleaning procedures at regular intervals. Though the basic cleaning done by mopping with water is sufficient to keep it shining, the dirt that accumulates in pores of the stone has to be cleaned by special processes. There are many companies in the region who are involved in the business of marble cleaning services.  This service helps to clean pores and allows the porous surface to “breathe” freely again. Surfaces can release moisture and gases into the atmosphere after being cleaned thoroughly.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Companies Involved in Marble Cleaning Services Treat Other Surfaces Also

Commercial complexes and residential buildings can get an enhanced look by the usage of naturally occurring stones like granite, travertine, limestone and marble. A manmade surface called terrazzo can also produce a different kind of beauty in the building. Installing these natural stones for different purposes brings up the question of maintaining them properly. Each type of stone has its typical composition and typical characteristics. The reaction of each type of stone to different chemicals varies substantially. 

Treating the Stones
The surfaces have to be made plain by grinding and then polished to give them a shine. In some areas, the surfaces are kept as they are with the uneven surface giving a rugged look to the construction. But in all cases, surfaces have to be cleaned from time to time to ensure their longevity. The companies offering their services for marble polishing in Miami also offer their cleaning services for other types of stones. Since the chemical reactions vary from stone to stone, the cleaning agents for treating each type of stone is different.
Restoring the Stones
The surfaces of the various types of stones become uneven, pitted or scratched with constant use. The process of restoring these stones to their past condition can be performed by many companies who are experts in this field. These companies not only offer marble restoration service but can also take care of other stone surfaces in a similar manner. The process of restoration allows the stone surface to get back its original look of grandeur while at the same time helps to avoid whole surfaces from getting replaced.
Cleaning the Stones
The stone surfaces tend to get stained when they come into contact with particular chemicals. These stains are sometimes hard to remove with water. Special cleaning agents are used for different stone surfaces by companies. The companies offer marble cleaning services for marble surfaces. They also offer cleaning services for other types of stone surfaces. They employ professionals who are experienced, well trained and skilled in dealing with various kinds of stone surfaces. They use the most modern equipment for their, polishing, restoration and cleaning jobs and are aware of the best solutions.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Marble Repair in Miami

There are several companies in South Florida that offer granite restoration, marble restoration and limestone restoration. Terrazzo restoration, grout and tile restoration and travertine restoration are also provided by repair companies.  Many are leaders in marble restoration, and their objective is in aiding their client in maintaining their tile, grout and stone surfaces. They have built up complete lines of granite, marble, grout and tile cleaners for helping in keeping these attractive surfaces fresh and gorgeous throughout the year.

Features of Floor Polishing

Many companies have their personal restoration and maintenance R&D centers. These centers constantly improve their techniques of restoration, floor polishing in BocaRaton, cleaning and care for providing their clients with the very best quality and the most gainful results possible. These companies support individuals across the world in their endeavors to have clean, refurbished and preserved marble, granite and tile, terrazzo, and grout surfaces. The services offered by these company are high quality granite polishing, marble polishing, grout and tile cleaning and more.

Repairing Marble Chips

If you have chipped, cracked or broken marble tiles, you should consider hiring a company for marble repair in Miami. They have the necessary skills to make your repair blend into your tile and give it a polish so that it complements the other marble furniture that are there. Have no fear, they will get your marble looking sharp again. The repairing of cracked and chipped marbles is an arduous process and requires much expertise, which these companies have.

Effective Marble Cleaning

The processes for cleaning differs according to the condition of the surface and the sort of oil or dirt being taken out. If cleaned once in a while with a non-acidic cleaner, marble can be kept clean easily. Nevertheless, after the setting in of wear, which creates low points and hollows for the dust to collect in, the stones are hard to keep clean. These companies offering marble floor cleaning in Palm Beach do not just aid you in cleaning the marble surfaces, but aid you in setting up your floor to make maintaining it easily.

Friday, August 21, 2015

How To Fully Restore House’s Marble Floor To Its Original Beauty

The gloss, luster and reflective finish that are offered by the new marble floors diminish with time. As the time passes by, you will find the tiles have lost their luster, are dull and have more scratches added to them. The problem is a cause of monetary loss also if you are trying to sell your house. For recovering the originality of the marble floor, it is necessary to restore them as cleaning alone does not suffice. Below are given some tips and methods which will help you to conduct your marble floor restoration process smoothly so that the floor can be restored to its original beauty.

Locate the Faulty Tiles
You must locate the broken and loose tiles and then you must remove them completely. This can be done by first stripping the grout that surround the loose/broken tiles and then by cleaning all the grout by using a utility knife. Next use a ply-bar for pulling the loosened and broken tile away from the marble floor. Move away all the removed tiles from the floor.

Clean the mortar still remaining in the now-exposed sub floor
Tiles are removed, but the mortar that originally held the marble stone tiles in place still remains spread on the sub- floor. You can clean this mortar by using a rotary tool that has an inbuilt carbide blade. Turn on blades of the tool and hold them at an angle of 45 degrees so that the blades can cut the sub-floor and remove the mortar. After a while, turn off the blades and remove all the non-valuable mortar.

Replace all the loose tiles back to the floor
Use a thin set mortar for replacing all the loosened tiles in their respective places on the floor. You can easily spread the new mortar by using a trowel made up of notched steel. The notches that the trowel contains can be used for raising the mortar to form a series of mortar ridges which provide for enhanced gripping. Use the carpenter’s level for adjusting the newly installed loose tiles. You should also replace the old broken marble tiles with the new tiles. Purchase the new tiles in such a way so that they can form an easily absorbent kind of beautiful pattern with the existing marble floor tiles. Leave the tiles to set themselves completely for two hours and do remove all the excess mortar from the floor surface.

You can use a sponge for removing dirt and excess grout that remains on the surface after the floor restoration process is over. Use sandpaper for honing all the scratches that the marble floor tiles might be having. Marble floor polishing can be done by using an angle grinder that has a polishing pad. Once the tiles are firmly set in, use a stone sealant for sealing the surface and let it dry for 48 hours before using the floor.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Miami Marble Restoration can Help You to Get Back the Glossy Structure of Your Floors

It will really take a lot of money, whenever you are planning to install marble flooring or walls for your use. Now, with growing time and regular usage, marbles are going to get scratched slightly, and those will turn out to ruin the entire look and glossy texture of your flooring. During such instances, people mainly opt for the marble restoration in Miami services, which are considered to be the best one, among the lot.
About the Restoring Procedure
There are some simple and important steps, which you need to be aware of, while planning to get acquainted with the restoration procedure. You have to prepare the floor for leveling or flattening, which can be defined as the best option, among the lot. This is the most powerful part of the entire category and it is mainly defined as lip page leveling or the flattening structure. You have to grind and even level the floor for promising results. There are some uneven new tiles, which you might come across as well, and those marbles need the same treatment.
Remove the Scratches
After you have cleaned out the uneven option, this step can also be used in order to remove roughness, ledges and even help in bringing the flatness to those marble floors. On the other hand, the above mentioned step can also help in removing the deepest of the stains and scratches from the marble segment. These are enough to keep your marble clean and be a part of Miami marble polishing of all time. You might even have to hone the flooring area, of all time.
Polish the Floor
Just like the companies offer you with natural stone restoration, you can even take help of marble polishing structure, of all time. Polishing the services can offer you with a shine effect or semi shine structure, to the marble flooring areas. Polishing can be done by taking help of industrial diamonds. If you can polish your marble within the given time frame, it can easily help you to get back the lost shine to it. For the other step, you have to crystallize the floor area, too.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Natural Stone Restoration in South Florida Undertaken in the Best Way

Marble is something that adds wonderful elegance to the residential or commercial set ups. However, it is also essential to know after a few years, it would lose the natural appearance that it has. This stone is an expensive one and when it loses its natural brilliance, and then you need to certainly think of it. For ensuring the longevity of this stone, the services of natural stone restoration in South Florida will prove to be beneficial. There are numerous firms that that are experts in providing with the marble polishing and marble cleaning service and hence, with their assistance, the marble floors will be replaced in a perfect way.

Marble is undoubtedly a great gift of nature and this is known to be highly delicate and is usually prone to scratches and blemishes. It is also known to be porous in nature and due to this dirt and various other chemicals will easily get penetrated to the marble surface. This is sure to make the stone weak and for this sake, the services of marble restoration are extremely necessary. With such a thing, the stain and the dust from the surface will be removed easily and will also help in unclogging of the pores that will help it to breathe easily.

Marble restoration is mainly a process, which involves the understanding of the nature of the floors and then it will be required to personalize it in accordance to the requirement. Cutting edge technology will be used for this purpose and the modern machines will be used for doing this work and with this, the work of restoration will be carried out in the best way. The firms that undertake such a work will make sure that it does not lead to any damage in the surrounding areas. Only with the help of skilled professionals such a work will be undertaken in the best way. So such a firm needs to be chosen that features skilled professionals and they should also have tremendous experience and only when all these things are fulfilled, the work of marble restoration will be undertaken in the best way.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Making Your Home Look Grand with Marble

Marble has been used to make look homes lavish and elegant and have been used on walls, staircases, floors, ceiling and many more places. Marble polishing can be a daunting task if you do not approach the right professionals. You have to have a better understand of marble restoration and marble cleaning, because, just installing marble is not enough, one regularly needs polishing too. 

Demanding Service 

There are some places like homes, where the marble, which is a natural stone, gets yellow, or loses its shine often and needs marble cleaning services from professionals who also give you solutions. The best way is to approach residential marble repair for better results. Yacht marble cleaning is also now possible with the amazing services they provide. Commercial marble polishing improves the life and the look of the marble without damaging the original color and shine. Marble has a porous structure and thus is susceptible to damages from spills and even stains. To clean the pores of this natural material, one needs to approach natural stone cleaning system for best results. It is even better if you approach natural stone restoration in South Florida that provides expert guidance and services for all the marble and natural stone restoration

Restoration Process

Marble restoration services should be approached when you have installed marble in your homes or offices or other places. Once you have installed it’s important that you have a clean stone and if not the deposits of dirt, grime and other elements will destroy the look of the marble and might also damage the marble due to the change in color and the texture of the marble as well. Marble cleaning services perform their job to not only clean them but also help to make it look as good as new. 

Travertine Issues

Similar to marble travertine too is a natural stone and is in demand these days for its neutral color and great look. Travertine restoration is made possible with poultice that is done by professionals. The same is the case with terrazzo which looks glamour, but one needs to focus on the terrazzo repair and restoration every time you need professional cleaning. 

Classic Marble Restoration, Inc. can help with all your natural stone needs today.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Better Ways To Carry A Terrazzo Repair And Restoration

Terrazzo is a unique stone with variable sized marble chips and colours. In most of the patterns, a wax coat on terrazzo stones is applied in order to collect the dirt. There are companies with the trained servicemen who deal with the terrazzo repair and restoration. It eliminates the excessive maintenance costs. You can check finishes like matte finishing, gloss finishing, etc. to decorate your area. Several marble restoration methods are carried while practicing natural stone restoration in South Florida. The process of natural stone cleaning can also be practiced at homes with the help of cleaning agents. 

Benefits of Using Terrazzo

The terrazzo tiles are full of features that make home beautiful. The tiles are very attractive. Composition involves marble, granite, glass chips, etc. A variety of pattern and colours are available. The terrazzo tiles are considered similar in quality of ceramic, stone tiles and marble. Another advantage of marble cleaning services of terrazzo tiles is the sturdy and strength. These are very strong. Other benefits include its feature of stain and water resistant. The tiles are not at all prone to the chipping. It can withstand for years. Other benefits of marble polishing include its durability as well as flexibility. Terrazzo repair and restoration are practiced for a long life. Natural stone restoration can also be carried out for commercial marble polishing. 

Basic Features to Look For

The terrazzo stone has certain features that make it costly and incredible. It has a bright lustrous surface that makes it attractive. The tiles are heavy which makes it difficult to carry or transport. Blending of colours makes it more special. The only way to keep the luster of the stones is marble cleaning. Services like, yacht marble cleaning with travertine restoration is practiced by the professionals of stone restoration companies. The terrazzo stone is used for the residential purposes. Residential marble repair is also managed by the trained professionals with marble restoration services.