Monday, January 26, 2015

Marble and Natural Stone Restoration

Marble and natural stone restoration and cleaning are necessary to the sustained beauty of these surfaces and our company has years of experience working with residential and commercial properties to make these surfaces look their best. Our decades of experience in the business have made us a trusted provider of cleaning and restoration, taking us all over the country and even on board cruise ships, marble flooring in yachts, and islands in the Caribbean. We feel our dedication to your investment is what sets us apart from other companies. We understand that this is an investment and that, like all investments, it requires proper natural stone maintenance and upkeep to look good. This is why we even offer service plans that can have your marble or stone looking its best year round.

We have been a family owned and operated business in the the Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade County area for years. We are also fully licensed and insured business which we believe is so important to guaranteeing your property’s value. We want your trust and do everything possible to keep it.

Our team has always worked hard to bring top quality service to all our customers, as well as, being able to provide a cost-effective solution to the home improvement and restoration market. All our technicians have been provided with hands on training in resurfacing and stone care. Understanding of our products, as well as, the surfaces they work on enable them to help you decide among our products and services which are best for your home or business.  

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