Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Services for Marble and Terrazzo Cleaning in Fort Lauderdale

The natural stone marble not only gives the place a grand effect but has its uses too. In fact, marble floor can last for generations if they are maintained properly. They are reasonable and affordable in the long run though they may have cost a good sum of money during installation.  Another type of surface that has become very popular is the terrazzo surface. These surfaces are created by embedding pieces of marble, stones, porcelain and other similar items in a bed of Portland cement or a binding epoxy base.  
Making Surfaces Glow
The polish gives a glow to marble surfaces that can be retained for a very long time. Cleaning the surface daily with water helps to retain this glow for a longer time. But once in a while the polishing job has to be repeated to remove any uneven areas and any dirt or stain that cannot be removed easily with mop soaked in water. The services of companies that do jobs like marble polishing in Miami have to be hired once or twice every two years to help maintain the shining quality of surfaces. 
Cleaning Terrazzo Surfaces
The term terrazzo comes from the word terraces. This type of surface was first used by Italian designers to give a color and mosaic pattern to the otherwise drab surfaces. At the initial stage, the surface remains a bit uneven which is made plain by grinding. After installing the tiles, the whole surface is polished to make it shiny. This surface is a non-porous type and also lasts for long periods. These surfaces stain easily. The job of companies involved in terrazzo restoration in Fort Lauderdale is to perform this cleaning task whenever they are asked to.
Cleaning Marble Surfaces
Marble surfaces need deep cleaning procedures at regular intervals. Though the basic cleaning done by mopping with water is sufficient to keep it shining, the dirt that accumulates in pores of the stone has to be cleaned by special processes. There are many companies in the region who are involved in the business of marble cleaning services.  This service helps to clean pores and allows the porous surface to “breathe” freely again. Surfaces can release moisture and gases into the atmosphere after being cleaned thoroughly.

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