Thursday, November 19, 2015

Three Easy Steps for Marble Restoration and Maintenance

There are so many reasons that can cause staining and dull spots on the marble surfaces or floors in your house. Mostly, it is caused by dark colored liquids and oils. Such discolorations can be removed in most cases, but it not possible to understand the depth of the stain which is why, until the cleaning process is complete, it is impossible to say anything about it. Marble is considered to be the most porous stone that is more prone to staining than anything else. This is why sealers are used so that it can be cleaned easily in case of spills.

Getting the Experts

But if the cleaning is not done properly, then it will cause the breakdown of the sealer leaving the stone vulnerable to staining. There are different types of stain removers available on the market, but all of them have different usage so, in the case of staining, you need to contact the marble restoration Boca Raton companies who will send their team of experts to your house. These experts will evaluate the situation and will use the appropriate organic stain remover that will not only remove the spots but will also maintain the luster of the marble.

Removing the Stain

The most important factors in the case of any stain removal procedure is the nature, time and depth of the stain inside the stone. If it has been there for a long time, then it will be really hard to remove it. This is why it is recommended that you call the professionals as soon as you notice any discoloration or blemishes on your floors. But that is not all, there are three main steps involved in the entire marble restoration process. These steps include grinding, honing and polishing of the stones.

The Details of the Process

The first and most important step is the process of grinding where all roughness and ledges are removed from the floor, and the marbles are flattened. Even the deepest scratches and stains are removed during this step. The next step is honing where industrial diamonds are used to make the floor smooth and shiny so that there is uniformity in the appearance. Finally, the marbles are polished by the marble polishing in Miami professionals to get their original shine back.


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