Monday, December 21, 2015

Guidance for Marble Floor Care and Maintenance

Marbles are a kith and kin to limestone. Since marbles are metamorphic rocks, it goes through several geologic conditions and huge physical changes to become the shining and glazy marbles we are all fond of. Marbles come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes to fit in extremely well with all kinds of home d├ęcor. However, due to its make, it is quite porous and is considered a soft stone  which makes it quite reactive to chemicals making the outer polish look dull and unimpressive. Though marble flooring is considered as an eye catcher, it is one stone which can lose its charm as quickly if not taken properly.

Marble finish is one of the most important parts of using marble tiles. Whether it’s flooring or countertops the finish needs to be finesse so as to get the desired effect. Polished finish is the ones that are best for countertops, whereas home finish and flamed finish is preferred for the flooring. The latter is much rougher and using the same makes the floor less slippery.

The principal guidance while maintaining the marble flooring is that no mess can be allowed on the floors. Every spill and pour on the floor needs to be cleaned immediately to restrict damage to the flooring. Another thing that helps to protect the marble top is avoiding hot appliances directly on it. Coasters and placemats should be used to avoid direct heat. This way scratches can be avoided which is the most common problem in using marbles.

In the case of bathroom marbles, it is necessary to clean up water every time and keep the surface dry as much as possible. Wet rugs should also be avoided on the floors.

Marble should be cleaned with a good and reputed marble cleaner rather than any floor or tile cleaners. The exclusive marble cleaners can be a little expensive, but they are worth the investment. Strictly avoid acid cleaners as they may ruin the marbles completely. Vinegar, ammonia and bleach should also be avoided as this may ruin the polish of the marbles. The best way of cleaning marbles is dry cloth and making it dust free. One can opt for professional polishing agencies like marble polishing in Palm Beach or marble floor polishing in Miami to get the best results in marble cleaning.

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