Friday, December 25, 2015

Travertine Floor Cleaning Tips for Home Makers

One of the warmest and the most beautiful surface is Travertine floors which become in-sync with almost all kinds of interior design. However, it is important to take good care of this type of surface so that it retains its finest look for years to come. Travertine is actually a stone but not a very hard stone, similar to granite. It is a soft stone and is porous so one should strictly avoid acidic substances to restrict the damage. Any form of juice, wine, tea or coffee is better avoided in a travertine surface. In fact, spills of all kinds can induce damage to this kind of surface.

The best cleaner which can be used on a Travertine floor is a reputed stone cleaner combined with lukewarm water. The acidic cleaners are tremendously harmful as it erodes the surface and the grout of the floors and in due course of time the floor will turn colors and be impossible to clean properly.

To clean travertine floors, a cotton cloth is absolutely appropriate. Dust mopping the floors at least two to three times in a week is sufficient for regular cleaning and cleaning with soap and water can be done for three to four times in a year. Too much usage of soap will also ruin the finish of the stone making it dull and boring.

Vinegar, ammonia or bleach should be avoided in any kind of Travertine floors. Bathroom cleaners, kitchen cleaners or all kinds of regular floor cleaners should be avoided as they have abrasive agents ruining the flooring. The floors should be kept absolutely dry and if necessary area rugs or runners can be used to prevent scratches or other kinds of damage.

It is better to take the help of professional floor polish or restoration companies to regain the lost glow of the stones. They have specific cleaners and machinery to support the activity. One can get in touch a travertine floor restoration specialist or marble floor polishing in Miami experts to get the best results

Having a travertine floor is an exquisite addition to the home décor. If the same can be maintained properly, it can serve for years to come.


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