Thursday, March 24, 2016

Best Tips and Tricks to Maintain the Designer Marble Table Top

Marble has always been a favorite flooring for millions of people across the world. Along with flooring, marble is used to making attractive table tops and countertops. Marble is durable long lasting and absolutely gorgeous to look at. The beauty of marbles has been popular for ages and used in houses for a long time. It is the silt, salt and iron which produces a veining pattern that makes the look of the stone so shiny and admirable.  The look of marble can corrode over time, and so it is important to take steps to have your marble floors or countertops looking like new. A reputed marble polishing in Miami company provides useful tips for marble floor restoration.
1.      Quick Cleaning
One of the primary and the most important initiatives to keep the marble table top clean and shiny is to clean any kind of spills on the stone at the earliest, at the earliest signs of scuffs and discoloration. Since it is a soft and porous stone, it quickly takes in and soaks up and acidic or harsh chemical liquid. For a quick cleaning, one need only put a rag on the stain, and remove as much of the insidious liquid from the base.
2.      Clean with Baking Soda
Using baking soda is another way of cleaning marble table top. One needs to mix one part dish soap with baking soda and then add about eight parts of water to it to make a cleaning formula which can be used to wipe off dirt, stain, grime and oil spots. The baking soda works as a gentle abrasive and along with soap. It is magical on the marble and helps marble floor restoration. For stubborn stains put some raw baking soda on the stain and leave it for two to three hours and then clean it carefully after it has absorbed the liquid.
3.      No Air Drying on Marbles
Air drying of marble tile should always be avoided as it makes the surface looks dull. Using a soft cloth in circular motion is best for polishing marble tops.
4.      Use Marble Polish
Using marble polish is a good way of putting the shine back on the marbles. The polish acts as a layer on the porous surface and with a coating of wax it makes the top sparkling like new and prevents further damage.
However if these simple tricks do not work it is advisable to undertake the help of professionals like marble polishing in Miami companies to get the best effects and renew the shine of your faded marble floors and countertops.



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